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Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER
  • Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER
  • Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER
  • Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER
  • Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER
  • Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER

Play Bar - Powder Pink/Neutral - PRE-ORDER

Bella Buttercup

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We can't think of a better afternoon hangout than under this beautifully designed Play Bar from Bella Buttercup. After a full year of design and development this gorgeous nursery staple is a must for any new baby.

The Play Bars Scandinavian inspired look brings a refreshing take on the traditional baby activity/play gym, meaning you don't need to hide it away when your guests arrive. The natural wood elements and soft colour tones look great together, and the optional addition of a sturdy ‘play space’ mat means it works just as well outside as inside.

But it's not just about us... Each Play Bar comes with eight toys, which your baby will love. These have been individually designed to amuse, educate and entertain.

The toys hang from the Play Bar using a natural toned strap with a Velcro finish, making it easy to attach toys and hang them at different levels, either challenging your baby to reach for them, or making it easy for them to pull on and chew. Best of all, the Play Bar was designed with an interior design focus so you don't have to put it away for visitors.

It is suitable for use from newborn through to 10/12 months, depending on the development of your child. It’s a must have product for your baby to help explore important milestones such as tummy time, rolling over for the first time, learning to touch or feel and to help them strengthen their legs while beginning to stand.

Toys are available Powder Blue, Powder Pink and Gender Neutral sets. Toys should always be used with adult supervision, do not leave your baby unattended.

While the play bar can be purchased on its own, Bella Buttercup’s bestselling product ‘play space’ perfectly complements it. The play space fits beneath the arch, adding a soft, cushioned surface for your baby to lie on. The play bar is not only educational and functional, it’s pretty good looking too!  

Package includes:
- Play Bar (wood frame)
- All eight toys, some of which are new designs for this round (four wood toys, four silicone toys). Honeycomb, Tedd, True Love and Silver Linings (wood) and Shake It, Luna, Snowflake and Elephant (Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone - perfect for teething babes).
- Eight natural cotton straps to hang your toys.

Measurements: Playbar is 58cm High x 110cm Long (55cm Radius), Wood thickness is 4cm x 4cm. The Play Bar can be disassembled for storing away. It is designed and produced with an "X" at the top and four legs.

Powder Pink set coloured silicon toys: Powder pink, white, soft grey and metallic silver/grey.

Also available in Powder Blue/Neutral and Powder Grey/Neutral.

Please note that this item is shipped directly from the Australian supplier so there will be an additional $50 shipping charge on all New Zealand orders. For overseas orders please contact us for a quote.

There is no additional shipping charge for orders placed within Australia. 

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